Fluoride Treatment Boynton Beach, FL

Strengthen dental enamel and prevent cavities with a fast, easy fluoride application.

Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral present in water and various foods, helps prevent cavities.

Numerous dental products integrate fluoride to strengthen teeth while combating tooth decay.

During your regular dental cleaning at Sunshine State Dentistry, you may undergo a fluoride treatment. Furthermore, if you struggle with minor cavities, we may recommend prescription fluoride products to help battle decay.

Visit our dental office today to enjoy the powerful benefits of fluoride application in Boynton Beach.

About Fluoride

Water and some foods contain fluoride, so you ingest some each day. This mineral helps with dental health by strengthening teeth and preventing cavities. Many people benefit from using products with fluoride, but the professional application from the dentist further safeguards against dental decay.

Benefits of Fluoride Application for Teeth

Fluoride hardens tooth enamel, helping protect your teeth from decay. As you consume food and beverages throughout the day, bacteria, sugar, and acid target your tooth enamel.

Fluoride remineralizes tooth enamel, effectively thwarting cavities. Moreover, it can bolster developing teeth, ensuring their resilience and vitality. This is why fluoride is so vital for children with developing smiles.

Do You Need Fluoride Treatment?

We often recommend fluoride application once per year, during one of your regular dental cleanings. If your teeth are prone to decay or if you’re not obtaining adequate fluoride from other sources, we may recommend additional fluoride treatment.

Fluoride application is one simple way we can help protect your smile and ensure your long-term dental health. Our team will evaluate your dental needs to help you determine if (and how often) you need fluoride treatment. Count on us to preserve your smile!

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