Implant Dentistry Services - Boynton Beach, FL

Dental implants are one of the most popular ways to replace missing or damaged teeth and for a good reason. They are one of the most effective ways to restore your smile for a natural and flawless finish. We offer several options in implant dentistry to suit your personal needs and preferences at Sunshine State Dentistry of Boynton Beach.

Implant Dentistry Treatments

Our services in implant dentistry include:


Overdentures are removable full-arch replacement and can also be known as implant-supported dentures. Overdentures will give you more stability than traditional dentures, while still being removable for easy cleaning.


This treatment involves a fixed full-arch replacement supported by just four dental implants. After the implants are surgically placed, they will be connected with a fixed denture for a completely new smile.


All-on-6 implants are fixed, full-arch replacements supported by six dental implants. This provides even more stability for your jawbone, facial structure, and your smile.

Front Tooth Implants

Front teeth are more often lost than your back molars. Front tooth implants will seamlessly replace gaps and problem teeth.

Single Tooth Implant

Replaces a single tooth when the extraction is necessary, no matter the location.

Multiple Dental Implants

Replaces two or more teeth when the extraction is necessary, no matter the location.

Mini Dental Implants

Smaller than traditional dental implants can be ideal for supporting lower arch dentures, fixed crowns, and bridges.

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